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Lumen Mini-Library

A perfectly packaged Energetic Upgrade Bundle to get you started on your Sacred Journey to reconnect with your Soul. Take a moment to silence the noise of the world outside to breathe in a renewing experience of inner-peace and relaxation! 


Full Light Library

Take a moment to reunite with your Essence within your Soul to reconnect with your Core Vibration to guide you on your journey of ascension!

Flow within through our Meditation Journeys that are infused with energetic upgrades to take your Soul on an adventure of healing and awakening; Activate and upgrade your Light Body with Light Language Recordings; or experience a peaceful reset with an Energetic Healing. 

Light Membership


Monthly Muse Journal: Expand your Journey with this monthly journal to open the channels of your Soul. This journal also includes an overview of the monthly energies to expect.

Light Library: The complete library of Meditation Journeys, Light Language, and Energetic Healings.

Monthly Content: Each month you will receive a new Meditation Journey, Light Language Transmission, or an Energetic Healing.

Quarterly Access to Members Only LIVE Group Healings

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Benefits of Meditation & Energetic Healing

Health Benefits of Energetic Healing & Meditation include:

  • Stress Relief

  • Increase Focus & Concentration

  • Reduce symptoms of Depression

  • Reduce symptoms of Anxiety

  • Boost the Immune System

  • And SO MUCH MORE...

Meditation & Energetic Healing has been shown to positively affect your immune system, nervous system, endocrine system, digestive system, create heart-brain cohesion, diffuse and heal decades of old trauma, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety... the list goes on and on.

Meet The Creator

& Your Guide

Alwena Caru

Alwena is the founder of GODAI Healing Arts – an energetic healing company that supports you in finding wholeness, wisdom, and wealth from within. In addition, she is a Shamanic guide, and mentor to coaches, healers, and leaders.


She believes the keys to everything we are looking for lies within. So, she guides her clients through deep, activating Akasha & Shamanic teachings and journeys so they can see what their soul is guiding them to do. Through her Life Energy Coaching, she then supports them in organizing their Soul Design into an action plan to bring their visions to life

Alwena activates healers, coaches, and those seeking more to transform into leaders. She empowers you to discover the uniqueness of your Divine Expression and how you want to bring it into life.

It 's  time to be activated. 

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