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You Deserve More

... Triumph

... Serenity

... Actualization

Not Less...

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Over-Thinking. Over-Processing. Over-Analyzing.

Do you feel "over it all"? Do you feel "done"?

For those ready to break down the barriers of your invisible prison, those ready to experience freedom from over-thinking, over-processing, and over-analyzing your journey and life, and those ready to return to the unlimited power and pathbreaking freedom of the True Essence of BEING...  Embark on a life-changing exploration, and experiential gift of life full of wisdom, activations and energetic invigoration -- this Journey is for all who are ready to revive, and peacefully live in, pathbreaking freedom amidst the turmoil of a chaotic world, and an ever-divided human race undergoing unprecedented levels of change. This one is a precious gift...


CREATE: Emboldened Purpose

How do you begin CREATING and LIVING your Dream Life?

For those that would like to live in a world of expansion without being thrown into a harrowing spiral at every turn, learning how to tap into and offer your most miraculous gifts for the benefit of all, this Journey is for all who are ready to dive into the Heart of your Divine Creation - that which makes you an Emboldened Creator

Get clear on why you are here, how to live your life on purpose and with PURPOSE. Learn how to truly CREATE your REALITY, and take ACTION to quantum leap into your unlimited power as an evolving Light Being through the use of your lifetimes of Wisdom.


Thrive: Whole Integration

Does it feel as though you have been MISSING something?

When we have experienced deep Sacred Wounds, especially those with a lifetime of repeated patterns, it is easy to feel broken, unworthy, or incapable of reaching beyond our comfort zone. Know each one of Sacred Wounds serves a higher purpose of calling us into accelerated action when we CHOOSE to answer the call of our awakening consciousness. So many of us yearn to answer this call by being the change we wish to see, but how do we ACTUALLY do that? How do we do it in a way that makes sense, especially in our everyday lives?

Is it really possible to "HAVE IT ALL"? To align our vibrations with our Highest Timeline, and create tangible change in our lives with confidence & fluidity?

It is POSSIBLE to live the life you've always DREAMED about!

Learn More about how you can put all the missing pieces


It is not about WHAT you’ll learn, it’s about WHAT you’ll uncover through diving within.


I believe that the keys to EVERYTHING we need are found within each and everyone of us.


When we come together with the the right set of tools to grow, heal, evolve, and BE - we find our ACTUALIZATION, our SERENITY, and our TRIUMPH.


Your Soul wants to have space to integrate,

to immerse in the evolution that’s unfolding for you.


It starts within.

It starts with you


Meet The Creator

& Your Guide

Alwena Caru

Alwena is the founder of GODAI Healing Arts – an energetic healing company that supports you in finding wholeness, wisdom, and wealth from within. In addition, she is a Shamanic guide, and mentor to coaches, healers, and leaders.


She believes the keys to everything we are looking for lies within. So, she guides her clients through deep, activating Akasha & Shamanic teachings and journeys so they can see what their soul is guiding them to do. Through her Life Energy Coaching, she then supports them in organizing their Soul Design into an action plan to bring their visions to life

Alwena activates healers, coaches, and those seeking more to transform into leaders. She empowers you to discover the uniqueness of your Divine Expression and how you want to bring it into life.

It 's  time to be Whole